Kevin McCarthy, Specialist, AGB Consulting


Mr. Kevin McCarthy is an education analyst and researcher born, raised, and educated in Pittsburgh, PA. He has worked at a large, public university in western Pennsylvania for seven years, the last five of which as a senior analyst for academic and student affairs planning, analysis, and assessment. In this role, Mr. McCarthy provides critical analysis and business intelligence tools that campus leaders need to manage enrollment, budgets, and program development. Before that, Mr. McCarthy worked as an analyst for two boutique consulting firms in Pittsburgh. He has two master’s degrees (one in business and one in public policy) and a dual-major bachelor’s degree in economics and political science, all from the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently finishing his doctorate in education at Slippery Rock University, where his dissertation research focuses on data mining and statistical models of learning for students with and without learning disabilities.

Professional Credentials

Mr. McCarthy has earned his BA and two MAs from the University of Pittsburgh and is pursuing his doctoral studies (PhD) at Slippery Rock University.