Paul N. Friga, PhD, Senior Consultant
Practice Area Leader: Strategic Transformation of Public Higher Education

Paul N. Friga

Paul N. Friga, PhD


Paul N. Friga, PhD, is one of the foremost higher education thought leaders and strategists. With 20 years of experience as a professor, researcher, and consultant at UNC Chapel Hill and Indiana University, Friga understands how public education really works and how it should change. His former experience as a consultant with PwC (earned CPA and CMA designations) and McKinsey (including projects in public higher education) round out additional relevant experience. He has also served as a trustee at Saint Francis University and the board chair at Saints Francis and Clare Church in Greenwood, Indiana, and is on the Executive Board of the Rams Club at UNC Chapel Hill. He has an MBA and PhD from UNC Chapel Hill.

Professional Credentials

For the past six years, Friga has been researching best practices in strategic resource allocation in higher education, presenting at international conferences, and co-founded ABC Insights, a premier higher education benchmarking consortium designed to make universities more efficient and effective.

The firm was acquired last summer by HelioCampus. Over the past nine months, Friga has authored 16 articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed and other journals on strategies for change in higher education for surviving the COVID-19 crisis and positioning universities for the long term, as summarized here. He has also conducted many strategic planning projects for universities, not-for-profit entities, and corporations. He has written two best-selling books on team problem-solving (The McKinsey Mind and The McKinsey Engagement) and is an award-winning teacher of strategy and consulting for undergrads, MBAs, and executives. In summary, he is passionate about helping higher education transform for greatness.