What Board Members Need to Know About Enrollment Management

By Author Jim Hundrieser

By Jim Hundrieser


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What Board Members Need to Know about Enrollment Management


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Contemporary strategic enrollment management entails planning, implementing, and developing administrative structures to develop and support strategies and tactics to regulate patterns of students entering the institution and through to graduation. It must do so in a way that is both predictable and consistent with the institution’s mission and objectives and that maximizes revenue from tuition and fees.

Strategic enrollment management is cross-institutional and engages all major organizational units—the board; senior administrative and academic leadership; and admissions, financial aid, enrollment services, and communications staff—in an approach that generates a dynamic set of intentional experiences. It is truly strategic only when the board and senior leadership, particularly the president and provost, closely integrate planning for the institution’s future with enrollment objectives.

This publication touches on all of these issues and others, including:

  • What Makes Enrollment Management Strategic
  • Understanding the Competition
  • Enrollment Management Practices and Issues
    • Financial-Aid Leveraging
    • Funnel Management
    • Public versus Independent Considerations
    • Technology
  • Student Success and Persistence
  • The Board’s Responsibilities

For most institutions, the future of enrollment management has never been more important. Few have the reputation or stature to expect growing application numbers and shrinking acceptance rates to continue. Most boards must understand the need to invest in and build a stronger infrastructure to support enrollment management.

A bulk discount is available for orders of 10 or more copies.

  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Number of Pages: 28
  • A bulk discount is available for orders of 10 or more copies.

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