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AGB Mission Champion

Since our inception in 2013, Fundmetric has been researching and applying artificial intelligence exclusively in the not for profit sector. Our peer-reviewed research is conducted by Dr. Gregory Lee who holds his PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning) from the University of Alberta.

Fundmetric brings a strategic approach to artificial intelligence by identifying and executing on opportunities, threat detection and mitigation throughout the constituency. We set organizations up for success by collecting and connecting data, a critical step for higher education institutions as they look toward the future. We take a custom approach to meet the needs of each organization, focusing on delivering value during implementation while creating a compounding ROI over time.

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Join Fundmetric in supporting AGB.

To learn more about these opportunities to support AGB, please contact our partnerships team by submitting the form below, or call us: 

Steve Abbott, senior director of partnerships, (202) 776-0842
Glory Onwuka, partnership manager, (202) 776-0828

AGB’s Corporate Engagement Prospectus 2024–2025 has further details on sponsorship opportunities.