Trusteeship: January/February

Volume 23,  Number 1   //    January/February 2015

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Partners in Progress: College, Community, and the Board’s Contribution
By Julie Bourbon

Colleges and universities contribute to the well-being of their communities, and neighbors often come to them for services. How can boards play a role?

Friends with Benefits? Building Effective Alliances
By Carla Beam, Jim Geringer, John Hitt, and Leslie Wong

Colleges and universities are forging innovative alliances with for-profit corporations and other organizations. Three higher ed leaders tell how such partnerships have benefitted their institutions and constituencies.

Setting Presidential Compensation: What Board Members Need to Know
By Thomas K. Hyatt and Joseph S. Johnston Jr.

Setting executive compensation in a fair and effective manner can be a daunting challenge. Boards must be prepared for the inevitable scrutiny of the government, news media, and various stakeholders.

The Missing Factor in Presidential Searches
By Rita Bornstein

Presidents frequently must deal with challenging situations, requiring effective interpersonal skills or “emotional intelligence.” Presidential search committees should consider this as they look for the next president.

Reflections on the Power of Mission: Imagining a Place
By Larry D. Shinn

As the financial model of higher ed is challenged, a focus on mission to help position the institution for an uncertain future is key. The president emeritus of Berea College shares lessons he learned there.

Reflections on the Power of Mission: Exploring an Institution’s Roots
By Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.

The president of the College of the Holy Cross, a Jesuit institution, led his board on a pilgrimage in the footsteps of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. This is what they learned.


Trusteeship Trends
What Will Be the Top Public Policy Issues in 2015–16?

Legal Standpoint
Can Faculty at Private Institutions Unionize?
By Lawrence White

Focus on the Presidency
Core Values Should Guide a University’s Crisis Response
By Fred P. Pestello

View from the Board Chair
From Boardroom to Classroom: Three Ways to Enhance Board Engagement
By Robert L. Fealy

A Question For…
Jim Collins
What Does Change Mean for Higher Education?