Trusteeship: July/August

Volume 21,  Number 4   //    July/August 2013

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Welcome to Compliance U: The Board’s Role in the Regulatory Era
By Peter F. Lake

Higher education has entered an era of rapidly increasing regulatory activity. Boards have an important role in helping create a culture of compliance and ensuring that administrators with compliance responsibilities have enough resources to perform them.

A Word to the Wise About Executive Compensation: Lessons from the IRS Colleges and Universities Compliance Project
By Thomas K. Hyatt

Are colleges and universities following best governance practices concerning the compensation of the president and other institutional leaders? For the most part, yes, says the Internal Revenue Service, which recently released a final report on the topic.

Higher Education in the Age of Obamacare
By Darrell G. Kirch

The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will bring sweeping changes to the nation’s health-care system. Those changes will require college and university leaders and their governing boards to analyze their health-care spending, rethink organizational strategies, and restructure benefit programs.

Wanted: A President with a Compelling Vision
By Robert Alexander

Selecting the right president is the most important thing a board must do. But close behind is the need for the board to insist that board members and the president agree on and work together to carry out a strategic vision.

Is College Worth It? Yes, But We Need New Metrics
By Brandon Busteed

Higher education faces daunting challenges: soaring costs, access and completion issues, rapidly changing technology, and accountability pressures from state and federal officials. But no challenge is more daunting than the fundamental question that many Americans are now asking: “Is college worth it?”


Legal Standpoint
Managing Compliance: The Devil Is in the Details
By Lawrence White

Focus on the Presidency
Degree-Program Array and College Boards
By Kevin P. Reilly

View from the Board Chair
Upping the Board’s Game to Support Transformative Change
By Thomas H. Grape

A Question For…
Jamil Salmi
What Governance Challenges Does Internationalization Bring?