Trusteeship: July/August

Volume 23,  Number 4   //    July/August 2015

Table of Contents 



Dealing with Disruption: By the Book
By Theodore J. Marchese

A number of recently published books hope to explain how higher education will be disrupted or remade. Ted Marchese shares what he learned from these works

The New Era of Information Abundance: What Does It Mean for Higher Education?
By Peter P. Smith

Higher education is facing a wide array of disruptive forces that are changing business and operational models. What is the role of information abundance in this transformation?

Exploring the Value Proposition of Higher Education

A panel of top higher education leaders explores the main issues behind the growing question of value in higher education and what institutional leaders can do to address it.

Learning from Sweet Briar
By John T. Casteen

What commonalities can other boards find in the Sweet Briar College crisis and how might board members learn from it?

Failing Forward Toward a New Alliance
By Rick Staisloff

The presidents of Hilbert College and St. Bonaventure share their experience attempting to create a strategic alliance that would form one institution out of two.


Legal Standpoint
The Supreme Court Sends an Unanticipated Signal on Free-Speech Rights
By Lawrence White

Focus on the Presidency
Changing Strategic Direction
By Patrick K. Gamble

View from the Board Chair
Four Key Lessons about Governance
By James Otieno

A Question For…
Thomas K. Hyatt
What is the Role of a Trustee Emeritus?