Trusteeship: July/August

Volume 24,  Number 4   //    July/August 2016

Table of Contents 



The Real Data Revolution
By Brandon Busteed

The data revolution coming in higher education will be less about “big data” and more about the right data.

Engagement Champions
By David J. Weerts

Board members who work closely with their campus and community partners to advance engagement are poised to create vibrant and impactful campuses.

Hit the Ground Running
By John D. Simon and Brad Eric Scheler

The board chair and new president of Lehigh University share their experiences regarding the transition to and first year of a new leader.

Aging In
By Chris Rasmussen

Millennials can contribute significantly to the efficacy of a governing board. How can we best engage and support them?


Legal Standpoint
Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities in the Digital Age
By Lori E. Fox

Trusteeship Trends
What Fisher v. Texas Means for Governing Boards

Focus on the Presidency
A Fundamental Approach for Success
By Karen Haynes

View from the Board Chair
Partnerships Yield Positive Results
By John D. Lewis

A Question For…
John T. Casteen III
What Does HB 1897 Mean for Athletics?