Trusteeship: July/August

Volume 25,  Number 4   //    July/August 2017

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The 21st-Century Presidency: A Call to Enterprise Leadership
By Terrence MacTaggart

This AGB report—the latest in a periodic series about the presidency—asks boards and presidents to rethink their relationship. Our special issue begins with excerpts from the report and an interview with the author, Terrence MacTaggart.

New Paths to the Presidency
By Stephen G. Pelletier

Serving as provost traditionally has been the stepping stone to the chief executive’s office. These days, that’s less and less the case.

When the Middle Ground Is the High Ground: Free Speech and the University
By Teresa A. Sullivan

In leadership roles in higher education, presidents and trustees have a responsibility to stand in the middle ground between extremes and defend free speech on all sides.

Object Lesson: The Crucial Role of Trustees in Facing Crisis
By Joseph A. Brennan and Sally K. Mason

When an unauthorized art installation caused a furor at the University of Iowa, the trustees rose to the moment.

A View from the Trenches: The Essential Elements of a Presidential Search
By Grant Callery

Perhaps the most fundamental obligation of the board of trustees is the selection of a new president. What are some steps for success?


Legal Standpoint
Higher Education Lawyers Are Public Interest Lawyers
By Steve Dunham

Focus on the Presidency
When the Stars Align: Forming a Faculty Senate
By Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite

View from the Board Chair
Beyond Definitions: Trying to Hear the Voices of Shared Governance
By Madeleine Deininger

A Question For…
Ryan V. Guffey
What Do Colleges and Universities Need to Know About Workplace Recording Laws?