Trusteeship: March/April

Volume 19,  Number 2   //    March/April 2011

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Higher Education and Health Care at a Crossroads
By Darrell G. Kirch

Following the passage of health-care reform, how can boards guide their institutions in improving health care for employees and students, while educating the next generation of health professionals? How can they avoid the risks associated with health-care spending?

Boards as Game Changers
By Terry MacTaggart

Many colleges and universities need to change, either to reverse a gentle glide into mediocrity or simply to survive intensifying competition. Trustees must better understand their institution’s context and become more engaged in leading change, whatever form that change takes.

Low-Hanging Fruit: How Boards Can Improve Education Now Through Pedagogy, Portability, and Price
By Peter Smith

Boards don’t have to wait for coming reforms to improve pricing and academic structure for students. They can have a significant impact immediately by making recognized learning portable, simplifying pricing, and reducing costs to students.

The Statewide Public Agenda and Higher Education: Making It Work
By Aims McGuinness

Recent political and economic trends pose a challenge to developing effective leadership capacity to guide public universities to the achievement of statewide goals. Strong state coordinating boards are essential to shaping a long-term public agenda.

Academic Oversight: Asking Questions, Building Bridges
By E.B. Wilson

Just the act of board members sitting down with faculty members and administrators to frame the right questions about academic policy at a strategic level can become the first plank of a cross-cultural bridge.


T’Ship 101 
Lessons from Other Boardrooms
By Alice Hayes

Legal Standpoint 
Risky Business: Student Entrepreneurial Activities on Campus
By Pamela J. Bernard

Focus on the Presidency
We Must Build a Culture of Civility on Campus
By Kevin P. Reilly

View from the Board Chair 
Boards and Academic Quality
By Lyn Trodahl Chynoweth

The Facts about Foundation Boards
By David Bass

A Question For … 
How Should Boards Work to Increase Minority Enrollment in STEM Fields?
By Freeman Hrabowski