Trusteeship: March/April

Volume 25,  Number 2   //    March/April 2017

Table of Contents 



Deep Dive: Reflections on Committee Restructuring
By Jorge Caballero and R. Barbara Gitenstein

Any change to the committee structure must be driven by board members and should reflect the culture of the board and the institution.

Forging New Alliances
By Gary Butkus and Stephen Standifird

Colleges and universities that are able to leverage strategic alliances not only augment their long-term viability but add significant value for their students.

Beyond Fundraising
By Rick Shangraw

Foundations are increasingly serving not only as philanthropic partners of their related colleges and universities, but also as entrepreneurial partners.

Awarding Exceptional Board Leadership

AGB’s John W. Nason Award for Board Leadership recognizes boards that demonstrate exceptional leadership, innovation, and courage. AGB is proud to honor five boards this year.

What Boards Need to Know about Tax Reform
By Francis Grab and Timothy J. McDonough

Republicans—now in control of Congress and the White House—have made clear that comprehensive tax reform is very high on their list of legislative priorities. What will be the impact on higher education?


Legal Standpoint
Post-Election Changes in the Law
By Steve Dunham

Focus on the Presidency
Revising General Education: A Chance to Be Bold
By W. Taylor Reveley IV

View from the Board Chair
The Board’s Role in Institutional Transformation
By Elizabeth D. Holder

A Question For…
Jon DeVaan
What’s in Store for Endowments?