Trusteeship: May/June

Volume 23,  Number 3   //    May/June 2015

Table of Contents 



Innovating for Opportunity: Sharing Solutions for Student Success

A growing lack of an educated workforce and the need to increase collaboration among universities compelled 11 large public research universities to form the University Innovation Alliance. Three presidents who are leaders in the Alliance described its work at a recent AGB conference.

Who Audits the Auditor? Assessing the Quality of the Internal Audit Function
By Frank Bossle, Betty McPhilimy, and Michael Somich

Internal audit departments are major contributors to the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and internal control processes, but external reviews are needed to ensure the quality of the unit.

The Sustainable College: Thriving and Serving the Nation in the 21st Century
By Daniel F. Sullivan

A “sustainable” college is one whose educational programs produce graduates prepared for work, life, civic engagement, and service in the 21st century. What will it take for institutions to grow in this direction?

The Virtuous Cycle of Green Revolving Funds
By Mark Orlowski and Mitchell Thomashow

Green revolving funds, which invest in on-campus efficiency projects, are an emerging and distinctive philanthropic investment strategy that can attract a wide variety of donors.

The Link between Financial Aid and Enrollment
By Sandy Baum

How can board members develop long-term strategies for ensuring that financial-aid policies are consistent with institutional mission while also serving fiscal and enrollment goals?


Legal Standpoint
Negotiating the President’s Contract
By Lawrence White

Findings of the Commonfund Study of Responsible Investing
By David Bass

Focus on the Presidency
Sewanee’s Tuition Guarantee
By John M. McCardell Jr.

View from the Board Chair
Focusing on Accountability
By Karen Bearden

A Question For…
Heather Carter
How Can Boards and Public Officials Learn from Each Other?