Trusteeship: November/December

Volume 19,  Number 6   //    November/December 2011

Table of Contents 



Some First Principles

What’s the Next Big Thing for Boards?

What should boards be concerned about in the coming year? What new issues—or old aspects of new issues— are on the horizon that boards should be addressing? What crucial topics should be on their agendas? Nine experts weigh in.

Going Global: Dispatches from Experienced Board Members
By Clara M. Lovett

Board members are increasingly being asked to bless a variety of international engagements. But how many trustees truly understand how to evaluate opportunities or assess potential risks? Board members with experience in the global arena share their views.

Adding it Up: Using Metrics to Deliver a Better-Educated Workforce
By Travis Reindl

As states struggle to boost economic growth and create new jobs, colleges must change to help meet the demand for talented workers. Boards of public institutions need new metrics to determine how well they are meeting statewide workforce goals.

Four Ways Boards Can Help Students Succeed
By George D. Kuh

Are students learning what they need to know to thrive in the 21st century? Boards can answer that question positively by ensuring that students are engaged in the kind of activities that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and other important skills.

Presidents and Chairs on Common Ground: Handling Flashpoints Together
By Donald H. Fletcher and David E. Maxwell

In the face of public controversies, presidents and board chairs are often called upon to resolve difficult and divisive issues. The president and chair of Drake College describe the key ingredients for working together effectively during challenging times.


T’Ship 101
How Boards Can Connect to Community
By Sylvia Lovely

Legal Standpoint
Season’s Greetings From (and to) Your Campus Lawyer
By Lawrence White

View from the Board Chair
Creating Solutions in Times of Crisis
By Lyn Trodahl Chynoweth

Getting Presidential Compensation Right
By Merrill P. Schwartz

A Question For…
Raymund Paredes
How Can Higher Education Attract—and Graduate—More Hispanic Students?