Trusteeship: November/December

Volume 20,  Number 6   //    November/December 2012

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Governance and Intercollegiate Athletics: Boards Must Know the Score
By John T. Casteen and Richard D. Legon

While boards have to delegate daily administration of athletics programs to presidents, they must be aware of the issues and involve themselves in policy considerations that properly belong to them and can impact the institution’s welfare.

Academic Tenure and the Traditional Assumptions Boards Should Question
By Cathy A. Trower

The author of Success on the Tenure Track: Five Keys to Faculty Satisfaction outlines seven long-held yet questionable assumptions underlying the tenure system that bear reconsideration today by boards.

The Tenure Test
By Cathy A. Trower

What Confidence Should Boards Give No-Confidence Votes?
By Terrence MacTaggart

As boards and presidents increasingly find themselves in the vanguard of change that disturbs the status quo, they may also become the targets of expressions of censure and no confidence from faculty members. This article focuses on how boards should respond.

Going Big Globally in a World Gone Small
By John Sexton

College and university boards are facing the challenges and promises of what some call the defining element of our time: globalization. How can we best prepare our students to thrive in a miniaturized world and shape it for the better?

Why Your College Can’t Avoid Internationalization
By Larry D. Lauer

Governments around the world are rethinking economic-development priorities and the role higher education should play in helping meet those priorities. These trends are creating a new competitive environment for higher education on a global scale, one likely to impact virtually every academic institution.


Legal Standpoint
An Unnerving Moment of Uncertainty in the Evolution of Affirmative Action
By Lawrence White

Three Questions about Learning and Quality
By Carol Geary Schneider

Trustee Spotlight
Walter Blass, Guilford College

Focus on the Presidency
Under Construction: The University of Wisconsin System’s “Flexible Degree Model”
By Kevin P. Reilly

View from the Board Chair
The Interplay of Transformation and Strategic Planning
By Walter Sutton

A Question For….
John S. Wilson
What Is the State of HBCUs Today?