Trusteeship: November/December

Volume 23,  Number 6   //    November/December 2015

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The Pick and the Process: Leading a Presidential Search in the Digital Age
By Celeste Watkins-Hayes

Presidential searches should have two goals: to select a strong leader who will move the institution in the right direction and to design and execute a process that bolsters the institution. Here’s how Spelman College achieved both.

In the Body Academic, Executive Search Resembles Organ Transplant Surgery
By William J. Byron, S.J.

Selection of a president is a major responsibility of the board of trustees of any college or university. Board members must be aware that taking an appropriate candidate and transplanting him or her into the body academic requires enculturation.

Inaugural Transitions
By Kina Mallard, David W. Miles, and Larry Zimpleman

In any given year, almost 25 percent of all institutions will experience presidential transition activity. During these times, the board of trustees sets the tone. Two institutions—Reinhardt University and Drake University—share their experiences.

Looking Under the Hood 2.0: How Institutions Are Using the AGB/NACUBO Student Aid Tool
By Don Hossler and David B. Johnson

Reviewing preliminary progress of the Looking Under the Hood project helped to identify the benefits of having common definitions of key financial-aid terms and access to benchmarking data from other institutions.

Public Policy: Similar Issues, Similar Challenges
By Emily M. Dickens and Lane Trotter

The U.S. is facing a number of important higher ed questions for Congress to answer in the remainder of its 114th session. The Canadian postsecondary education system, like America’s, is facing many challenges, while dealing with higher government and community expectations.


Heat Map
Faculty Salary Equity: Why Is It Our Problem?
By Andrew L. Luna

Legal Standpoint
A Watershed Moment for Affirmative Action in Admissions
By Lawrence White

Trusteeship Trends
Fiduciary Duties and ESG Investing
By Susan N. Gary

Focus on the Presidency
Building Healthy Relationships
By Freeman A. Hrabowski III

View from the Board Chair
The Importance of Student Stories
By Sister Patricia M. O’Brien, SND

A Question For…
Jamienne S. Studley
What Lies Ahead for the Department of Education’s College Scorecard?