Trusteeship: November/December

Volume 24,  Number 6   //    November/December 2016

Table of Contents 



Campus Unrest
By Julianne Basinger

The aim of governing boards’ total efforts should be to make sure that their colleges or universities are prepared to handle campus unrest and provide a respectful, inclusive learning environment for their students.

Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish?
By Jim Hundrieser

In order to be prosperous, colleges and universities must end the cycle of cost cutting and focus on growth so as to fulfill their missions.

Shared Governance Creates a Plan
By Marvin Krislov and Diane C. Yu

The president and a board member of Oberlin College share the lessons they learned in establishing a new strategic plan in the face of unprecedented change in the higher education landscape.

Parallel Tracks, Same Destination
By The Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M.

Building strategic capacity on the board will help institutions “make the jump” as higher education moves in new directions.

Sticker Shock
By Lesley McBain

The latest tuition-discounting survey shows discounts keep rising. What questions should boards ask to understand how this complex practice is helping or hurting their institutions?


Trusteeship Trends
10 Things We Have Learned as College Presidents
By Barry Glassner and Morton Schapiro

Legal Standpoint
Unionization of Teaching and Research Assistants
By Lori E. Fox

Focus on the Presidency
Helping Students Finish What They Start
By Elaine P. Maimon

View from the Board Chair
Choosing Wisely When the Stakes Are High
By Mary Kane

A Question For…
Sandy Baum
What Should Trustees Know about the Federal Pell Grant Program?