Reprogramming Our Financial GPS, May/June 2016

Volume 24,  Number 3   //    May/June 2016

As you wind down the academic year, take the May/June issue of Trusteeship with you to the pool to read about the economic and demographic realities that have some in higher ed contemplating the necessity of Reprogramming Our Financial GPS, by Mark Putnam. Next, Darryl G. Greer and Michael W. Klein tackle new revenue streams in Risk Taking: Public-Private Partnerships and Effective Governing BoardsRichard Chait brings his vast experience to contemplating The Bedrock of Board Culture. And finally, from our National Conference on Trusteeship, held in April in Washington, D.C., five leaders in our sector—Nelson CarbonellCatherine E. LhamonMichael A. MiddletonJanet B. Reid, and John Silvanus Wilson Jr.—engaged in a lively discussion, moderated by NPR’s Claudio Sanchez, about how, and whether, our colleges and universities are moving Toward an Inclusive Campus Community. Happy reading! Happy summer!

In This Issue:

Reprogramming Our Financial GPS
Risk Taking: Public-Private Partnerships and Effective Governing Boards
The Bedrock of Board Culture
Toward an Inclusive Campus Community: A Panel Discussion from AGB’s National Conference on Trusteeship
Board Policies, Practices, and Composition Highlighted in New AGB Research
The Battle over Bathrooms
The Swing of the Pendulum. Or as We Say in French, Plus Ça Change….
The Role of the Board in Transformation
What Should Boards Know about HSIs?