Research Universities and the Future of America, September/October 2012

Volume 20,  Number 5   //    September/October 2012

In this issue of Trusteeship, James J. Duderstadt looks at the historical and future significance of research universities in the United States and cautions against allowing the investment in these institutions to wane, presenting 10 recommendations to strengthen them, in Research Universities and the Future of America. A bevy of top higher education leaders, including Richard Chait, Stanley Ikenberry, and Charles Reed, address When Governance Goes Awry. What Are the Takeaways? Rita Bornstein then tackles the issue of Transforming Institutions through Shared Governance. Continuing on the governance theme, Richard Novak asks “to whom are boards accountable? And what are their motives?” in State Policies and Practices to Improve Board Governance. Finally, John R. Curry and Lyn Hutton address complicated questions of liquidity and financial stability in Why Cash Flow Is No Longer for Wimps.

In This Issue:

Research Universities and the Future of America
When Governance Goes Awry: What Are the Takeaways?
Transforming Institutions Through Shared Governance
Bridging the Different Worlds of Faculties and Boards
State Policies and Practices to Improve Board Governance
A Strategic Approach to Shaping Effective Boards
Why Cash Flow is No Longer for Wimps
Thorny Issue: Overly Scripted Board Meetings
If Faculty Collective Bargaining Comes to Your Campus
Datatfile: My Institution Is Very Successful, Higher Education Not So Much
A New President and the Board Chair Compare Notes
Retention and Graduation Rates: What Does Your Report Card Say?
A Question For Stephen M. Jordan: What Does the Affordable Care Act Mean for College Campuses?