Trusteeship: September/October

Volume 19,  Number 5   //    September/October 2011

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Innovation Through Collaboration: New Pathways to Success
By Mary Frances Forcier

Amid the challenges facing higher education, colleges and universities are banding together. Consortia can facilitate a level of innovation and continuous improvement that individual institutions could never achieve on their own.

Whose University? The Decline of the Commonwealth and What That Means for Higher Education
By Mark G. Yudof

America is experiencing the chipping away, if not the outright decline, of the notion of the public good. A new compact between public higher-education institutions and their states is needed.

Transforming Learning Through Technology: Educating More, Costing Less
By Carol A. Twigg

Using technology to examine and redesign existing teaching methods can improve academic quality, reduce costs, and increase student access.

Rx for Students’ Mental Health: What Boards Can Do
By Gregory T. Eells

Many institutions do not have the resources in place to deal with the myriad of mental-health issues that today’s students grapple with. Boards can play a role in creating a campus culture that supports at-risk students and helps them succeed.

Essential Ingredients for Trusteeship at Today’s Catholic Colleges
By William J. Byron, S.J.

The majority of trustees on the boards of Catholic colleges and universities today are lay men and women rather than members of the sponsoring religious community. Lessons for educating lay members on the mission and value of these institutions can be valuable to trustees across all sectors.


T’Ship 101
The Board Vice Chair: Key Facilitator of Strategic Engagement
By Elizabeth Bulette

Legal Standpoint
Why Do So Many Lawsuits End in Settlement? Check Your E-mail.
By Lawrence White

Focus on the Presidency
Rethinking Public Universities for Today’s Challenges
By Kevin P. Reilly

View from the Board Chair
Boards Must Be Catalysts for Collaboration
By Lyn Trodahl Chynoweth

Changes Presidents Would Make to Improve Board Engagement
By Merrill P. Schwartz

A Question For…
Clayton M. Christensen and Henry J. Eyring
How Can Boards Foster Innovative Institutions?