Trusteeship: September/October

Volume 21,  Number 5   //    September/October 2013

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The Rules of Attraction: Enrolling Students in (and for) the 21st Century
By Julie Bourbon

A good enrollment management program ensures that your institution attracts the right number of students, of the quality desired, paying enough to support the university, while fulfilling its mission and attracting sufficient philanthropic support to carry on that mission. Simple, right? Not in today’s changing higher ed landscape

The Trouble with Shared Governance
By Derek Bok

Critics of shared governance are everywhere: Presidents and board members find it too cumbersome, while the faculty feels it is ignored by powerful administrations and meddlesome board members who don’t really understand academic matters. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, and the problems must be corrected if colleges and universities are to succeed in meeting the needs and expectations of society.

A Lesson from Corporate Boardrooms: Practice Good Governance or Face External Forces
By T. Grant Callery

With increasing public scrutiny of higher education governance and demands for greater accountability, colleges and universities should expect that similar external forces will eventually pressure them to “get with the program” of 21st-century governance norms.

Difficult Days for Higher Ed: Is It Time to Short the Sector?
By Richard Chait

At AGB’s National Conference on Trusteeship, governance expert Richard Chait led a panel of leaders who explored the myriad challenges confronting governing boards. They offered suggestions for how boards can most effectively lead in an increasingly complex and fast-paced world.


Legal Standpoint
The Paperless Board and the Law
By Lawrence White

Thorny Issues
Board Members with Pet Priorities
By Teresa Valerio Parrot

Trustee Spotlight: Sherry Lansing, University of California

Focus on the Presidency
Financial-Aid Policies for the Common Good
By Tori Haring-Smith

View from the Board Chair
What Will Become of the College Campus?
By David K. Hendrickson

A Question For…
Philip N. Bredesen
Why Do We Need a National Commission on College and University Board Governance?