Trusteeship: September/October

Volume 24,  Number 5   //    September/October 2016

Table of Contents 



Bankruptcy Benefits
By Michael B. Goldstein and Jay Indyke

Debt is a primary cause of institutional financial collapse. So why aren’t colleges and universities declaring bankruptcy to help themselves climb out of imminent failure

Partners in Advancement
By David Bass

Advancement functions have become increasingly central to maintaining institutional excellence and, in some cases, long-term financial sustainability for public colleges and universities.

Who Are We?
By David McFadden

Establishing institutional identity means boards must clearly articulate the “why” of their institution, choose relevant and compelling stories, and be honest about their place in the market.

The Four Cs of Board Leadership
By Artis Hampshire-Cowan

The board professional must garner the trust of both the president and the board chair and demonstrate the four Cs: competence, character, courage, and credibilit

The ROI of Athletics
By John R. Gerdy

Upheaval in intercollegiate athletics is on the horizon. Higher education leaders must be ready to manage and structure change from the inside, including calculating the return on investment.


Legal Standpoint
What Keeps Your Lawyers Awake at Night?
By Lori E. Fox

Focus on the Presidency
Recognizing a Need at HBCUs
By Roslyn Clark Artis

View from the Board Chair
Saving Green through Entrepreneurship
By Richard Hall

A Question For…
Kevin P. Reilly
What Should Boards Know about Teaching?