Trusteeship: September/October

Volume 26,  Number 4   //    September/October 2018

Table of Contents



Hungry and Homeless: Tackling the Crisis of Basic Needs Insecurity
By Sara Goldrick-Rab

Struggles with food and housing insecurity are causing large numbers of students to leave college. What are the underlying causes of the problem, and how can institutions solve it?

Evolving Roles for Presidential Spouses and Partners
By Karen F. Kaler, Gwendolyn H. Freed, and Darwin D. Hendel

The multidimensional roles of today’s presidential spouses and partners go far beyond the social niceties of past eras. The authors of a related study share their findings and suggest ways for institutions to make the role more satisfying.

Why Boards Shouldn’t Be Spectators for Athletics

Frequent scandals in college sports are exposing alarming lapses in board fiduciary responsibility. AGB’s National Conference on Trusteeship featured a frank discussion of the controversies and the role of governance in overseeing intercollegiate athletics.

Philanthropy Unbound
By Leslie D. Bram

A growing number of private donors are demanding a greater say in the uses of theirgifts. How can institutional leaders keep mission, purpose, and integrity intact when a donor wants strings attached?

Can Institutions Learn to Live with Campus Carry?
By Kim Krisberg

Debates about the role of guns in schools are taking on new intensity across communities and in state capitols. Trusteeship looks at the current landscape for campus carry laws and the corresponding challenges for higher education institutions.


Legal Standpoint
Lawyers as Guardians of the Mission
By Steve Dunham

Focus on the Presidency
Building Boards to Prepare for the Future
By Kerry Healey

View from the Board Chair
Learning to Thrive with Performance-Based Funding
By Anthony Barbar

A Question For…
Norman R. Augustine
How Can Trustees Champion the Value of Higher Education?