Trusteeship: Special Issue

Volume 23,  Number 7   //    Special Issue 2015

Table of Contents 



Higher Education’s Return on Information Technology
By Eric Denna

Increasingly, trustees and regents are confronted with some difficult choices surrounding investments in information technology. Realizing value from the growing investments in information technology should be a concern for every board.

What Boards Need to Know about Technology in 2015
By Susan Grajek

Information technology, applied wisely, can help colleges and universities move successfully into the future as they negotiate the dual challenges of financing and growing campus expectations.

Taming “Big Data”: Using Data Analytics for Student Success and Institutional Intelligence
By Stephen G. Pelletier

Institutions are learning to extract the insights that are hidden in “big data”—ones that can drive better administrative decisions and help students succeed academically.

Academic Freedom in the Age of Social Media
By Robert M. O’Neil

Given the rise in prevalence of social media, institutions need to reshape policies or regulations concerning electronic and digital expression.

Need IT with That? How One Board Effectively Oversees Technology
By Angel L. Mendez

How should boards plan for and govern strategic planning and investment in information technology? How should they best structure themselves?


On My Agenda
Technology as Game Changer
By Susan Whealler Johnston

Legal Standpoint
Anticipating Cyberattacks on College and University Campuses
By Lawrence White

Focus on the Presidency
Making Tech Front and Center
By Pamela Eibeck

View from the Board Chair
Planning for the Tech Future
By Cliff Thomas

A Question For…
Santa Ono
Where is Technology Taking Higher Ed?