Trusteeship: January/February

Volume 30,  Number 1   //    January/February 2022

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Leadership in Times of Crisis
By David V. Rosowsky, Stephen M. Gavazzi, and E. Gordon Gee

New strategies will be needed for higher education leaders to successfully respond to the types, magnitudes, and concurrent/coincident impacts and mutual amplification of crises they will face in the years ahead, the so-called post-pandemic era. In this article, strategies for effective higher education leadership in five key areas are addressed: reaffirming and reframing governance for efficiency, action, and agility; rethinking financial models; building institutional resilience; accelerating toward opportunity; and paying closer attention to public sentiment.

“What’s Job Number 1?” Colleges Step Up Preparation for Careers
By Christopher Connell

In an era of increased skepticism about the worth of a college degree, colleges are seeking to balance the liberal arts with more offerings that offer a direct path to jobs and careers, some with certificates instead of diplomas. Market pressures require that colleges think about how they develop programs and curriculum in a way that enables graduates to launch their careers in a more concrete way.

Harmonizing Strategic and Academic Planning in Higher Education
By Nicholas R. Santilli

In higher education, strategic planning and academic planning are variations of the discipline of integrated planning. Strategic planning focuses on imagining the aspirational future of the institution while academic planning is the act of organizing and outlining the priorities of the academic enterprise, based upon areas of strength and areas for growth. There is no single answer to “which comes first: the academic plan or the institutional strategic plan?” The choice is a matter of institutional needs at a moment of time that allows the institution to meet the needs of the internal environment with the shifting sands of the external environment in the higher education sector.

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On My Agenda
The Keys to Board Oversight of Student Success: Ask Strategic Questions
By Henry Stoever

News in Brief 
A sampling of national higher education news 

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  • AGB Gears Up for the 2022 Virtual National Conference on Trusteeship
  • AGB Releases Policies, Practices, and Composition of Governing Boards of Colleges, Universities, and Institutionally Related Foundations 2021 and Endowment Management for Higher Education, Second Edition

Legal Standpoint
Law and the Lawyer’s Role from the Perspective of a Board Member
By Steve Dunham

Open Scholarship: A Strategy for Innovation
By Randolph Hall

Foundations of Consequence
Advancing Collaboration Between a Community College and its Foundation
By Katherine S. Sawyer

Focus on the Presidency
A New President Builds and Diversifies a Board
By Pamela Gunter-Smith

A Question For…
Keith Curry, EdD
Why is Student Success and Equity in Access Imperative for Higher Education?
By Elena Loveland