Trusteeship: January/February 2024

Volume 32,  Number 1   //    January/February 2024

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Higher Education, Part 1

David Tobenkin

AI has dominated the technology news cycle for the last year: But what does the buzz around generative AI mean for higher education? Here, in Part I of a two-part series, we explore the opportunities and challenges of using AI across many types of institutions; the types of research, instructional, student support, and operational functions AI might impact; and how it might alter the calculus surrounding higher ed’s value proposition.

Trusteeship for the Common Good

John Silvanus Wilson Jr.

In 1967—Four trustees stood in the same room. They would all change the landscape of higher ed by encouraging students to exercise their civic duties. Under the strain of a highly polarized environment, similar to that of the 1960s, trustees, today, must understand and act with the notion that the success of higher ed is imperative to the reinvigoration of democracy.

Leveraging the Role of the Board Professional
A deeper appreciation for the demands and complexities of this unique role

Elizabeth Alvarado

Now more than ever before, the role of the board professional must be optimized to liaise between the president, board chairs, and board members.

Reflections on Board Culture
How the right culture can make all the difference in positive governing board service

Robert Scott

Fostering a positive board culture takes the work of everyone involved. The right culture can make all the difference in the development of a “productive” board.

Who Owns a College?

Roger H. Hull

The responsibilities of the trustee are critical to an institution. As the primary fiduciary stewards, board members must take “ownership” of the duties inherent to the role.


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Between Oversight and Overreach—
The appropriate role of the board in crisis

Simon Barker


Departments and Columns


On My Agenda: Turning a New Leaf in the New Year
Facing Up to Our Biggest Governance Challenges
By Ellen-Earle Chaffee

News in Brief
A Sampling of National Higher Education News

Inside AGB
-Governing Board Independence and Leadership Statement & Toolkit
-Podcast Spotlight
-Foundation CEO Toolkit
-Top Public Policy Issues Update

Legal Standpoint
Shared Governance: A Legal Perspective
By Lou Guard

Foundations of Consequence
Cultivating Connections in a Contentious World
How foundations sustain their work of relationship-building in a challenging environment
By Naomi Dillon

Why Not Disclose the Demographics of a College’s Board Members?
By Richard Chait, Raquel Rall, and Demetri Morgan

Focus on the Presidency
The Reality of Higher Education is Change
By Santa Ono

View from the Board Chair
Boards Need Strategic Goals to Add Value
By Fred DuVal

A Question for Mary Papazian
Transforming Under Pressure
By Erin Geraghty