Trusteeship: March/April 2024

Volume 32,  Number 2   //    March/April 2024

Success Beyond Completion

The New Attainment & Opportunity Agenda: Why Completion Isn’t Enough?

Table of Contents


Cover Story

Americans’ Changing Relationship with Higher Education
From Access to Completion to Success Beyond Completion
By Paul Tough

Despite evidence of the high value of a college degree in terms of lifetime earnings, public opinion of higher education is that it costs too much and isn’t worth it. Colleges can do more to turn this around by addressing five areas: costs, transparency of price and benefits, flexibility to meet student needs, better pathways, and an expanded definition of campus diversity.


Measuring Student Success Beyond Completion
Involving Boards in the Metrics That Matter
by David Tobenkin

College and the Job Market Today
Fixing Inefficiencies Means Colleges and Employers Need to Change Their Behavior
by Peter Cappelli

Why ROI Matters
Colleges Should Embrace Accountability for What Happens After Graduation
by Matt Sigelman

More of What We Need
Promote Student Success Beyond Completion in Every State
by Kristin D. Hultquist and Harrison Keller

The Role of Governing Boards in Ensuring Educational Quality
Overseeing the Value of Degrees for Graduates, Employers, and the Community
by Barbara Brittingham and James H. Page

Departments and Columns

On My Agenda
Don’t Sell Higher Ed’s ROI Short
By Mary A. Papazian

News in Brief
A Sampling of National Higher Education News

Inside AGB
-AGB President and CEO Search is Underway
-A Coalition Committed to Strengthening America’s Security and Prosperity
-Board Composition Diversity Report
-Upcoming AGB Events in March-April 2024

Legal Standpoint
Will Programs Make the Grade with the Department of Ed and Prospective Students?
By Lee Tyner

Foundations of Consequence
Investing in Partnerships, Community, and Student Success
By Kevin P. Reilly

Focus on the Presidency
Experiential Learning at Georgia State University
College to Careers and Beyond
By M. Brian Blake

View from the Board Chair
Building Workforce and Economic Development as Strategic Goals
By Steve Levinsky

A Question for Bill Pink
Relevant Pathways to Success
By Merrill P. Schwartz

Cover Illustration: Rick Shier

The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Strada Education Foundation for this special issue of Trusteeship magazine focused on “Student Success Beyond Completion—The New Attainment and Opportunity Agenda: Why Completion Isn’t Enough.” AGB is solely responsible for the content.