Uncertainty: Solving the Post-Election Policy Puzzle, January/February 2017

Volume 25,  Number 1   //    January/February 2017

This issue of Trusteeship opens with a piece on Uncertainty in Changing Times, as a panel of higher education experts discusses the implications of having a new presidential administration in Washington. Richard Chait then addresses the questions of who decides what and how that affects governance in Decisions, Decisions. Public college and university systems get a thorough examination in Kevin P. Reilly‘s piece, Too Big to Fail. Thomas K. Hyatt looks at the balancing act that is the relationship between institutional leadership and foundation boards in The Tandem Tightrope Walk. And finally, what happens when electronic courses are introduced into a small, private college environment? Kim Cassidy, Jennifer Spohrer, and Ruth Lindeborg of Bryn Mawr College look at Disrupting Assumptions: e-Learning at Liberal-Arts Colleges.

In This Issue:

Uncertainty in Changing Times
Decisions, Decisions
Too Big to Fail
The Tandem Tightrope Walk
Disrupting Assumptions: e-Learning at Liberal-Arts Colleges
How to Be Sunshine Savvy
What Duties Does a Lawyer Owe the Institution?
Courageous Boards Will Move Higher Education Forward
The End Goal: A Service to Those We Serve
What’s Next for the Overtime Pay Rule?