What’s the Next Big Thing for Boards?, November/December 2011

Volume 19,  Number 6   //    November/December 2011

The November/ December 2011 issue of Trusteeship explores where boards need to go next and steps they can take now to ensure success in the future. The cover story asks “What’s the Next Big Thing for Boards?” Trusteeship consulted nine experts to answer the big question.Their responses take on issues ranging from intercollegiate athletics to technology to regional stewardship.

This issue also addresses the role of the board in global endeavors, ways to promote student success, and the chair-president relationship in crisis situations.

In This Issue:

Some First Principles
What’s the Next Big Thing for Boards?
Going Global: Dispatches from Experienced Board Members
Adding it Up: Using Metrics to Deliver a Better Workforce
Four Ways Boards Can Help Students Succeed
Presidents and Chairs on Common Ground: Handling Flashpoints
How Boards Can Connect to Community
Season’s Greetings From (and to) Your Campus Lawyer
Creating Solutions in Times of Crisis
Getting Presidential Compensation Right
How Can Higher Education Attract—and Graduate—More Hispanic Students?