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The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) serves as a trusted advisor to more than 1,300 higher education boards of colleges, universities, and institutionally related foundations in the U.S. and around the world. Membership in AGB facilitates the roles of board members, presidents, chancellors, and staff in working together to meet the needs of their institutions.

Members represent a diverse array of organizations, including public and private institutions, as well as those serving targeted populations or specialized areas of study. Each organization’s mission is distinct, but many challenges are universal—improve academic success, achieve financial stability, maintain a safe campus, ensure strategic initiatives, and many others. We assist members in addressing such challenges, as well as those unique to individual institutions, by empowering them to be better, stronger, more informed leaders.

Member Benefits

Membership in AGB ensures access to the most relevant industry news, trends, and best practices to help leaders govern effectively. Benefits include:

AGB Consulting

AGB's consulting team offers customized services to bolster higher education boards through industry expertise, thought leadership, training, and action planning. We also offer a complimentary consultant-on-call service.

Issues and Answers

Members have access to a range of articles, videos, reports, books, and other resources with the latest information on higher education. Members can also contact our reference librarian for answers to specific questions.

Trusteeship Magazine

AGB's bi-monthly magazine reports trends, issues, and practices in higher education to help board members and chief executives better understand their distinctive and complementary roles and to strengthen board performance. 

News & Trends Around the Boardroom

Release biweekly, this popular news digest provides a run-down of the top news in higher education. Coupling those popular stories with AGB resources, board members are able to consider current events in a larger context. By subscription only.

Events and Programs

AGB's events and programs provide new and experienced board leaders with information they need to strengthen their institutions and the opportunity to network, share insights and experiences, and learn from each other.


AGB conducts primary research that enables us to assess trends and shifts in the industry. With this vital information, AGB provides context and perspective around issues that affect member institutions.

To learn more about the value AGB membership can offer your institution or foundation, contact our membership department.



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