How AGB Supports Board Responsibilities

Navigate your board's responsibilities.

Higher education boards engage in a number of activities as board members address their duties. AGB provides resources, education, and support to help boards fulfill these responsibilities and ensure long-term sustainability for their institutions.

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Optimize Board Structure

An optimized board structure is essential for accountability, transparency, effective decision-making, and the ability to adapt to evolving needs and challenges. 

Onboard Board Members

An effective onboarding program provides new board members with the necessary knowledge, context, and relationships to contribute effectively, make informed decisions, and fulfill their fiduciary duties. 

Plan Effective Board Meetings

Effective board meetings foster productive discussions, informed decision-making, active engagement, and an efficient use of time, ultimately leading to better governance outcomes. 

Oversee Strategic Planning

Governing boards must ensure strategic plans align with institutional goals, anticipate changing landscapes, promote innovation, allocate resources effectively, and drive long-term success. 

Plan for Succession and Transition

Planning for succession and transition supports continuity of effective leadership, knowledge transfer, and smooth transitions, minimizing disruptions and maintaining institutional stability. 

Assess Leadership

Regular assessment of boards and leaders provides a mechanism to evaluate effectiveness, identify areas for better collaboration, enhance governance practices, and ensure strategic alignment.  

Assess Risk

Assessing risk allows for proactive identification, mitigation, and management of potential risks, ensuring institutional resilience and safeguarding long-term viability. 

Establish Effective Practices

Higher education boards oversee many duties unique to their sector, requiring special attention to effective board practices. 

Engage in Professional Development

Staying abreast of industry trends, leading practices, and emerging challenges enables boards and leaders to make informed, forward-focused decisions.