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Top 10 Strategic Issues for Boards, 2013-2014

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The scope of change on campus and the fast-evolving realities of the external environment mandate that governing boards pay close attention to a wide range of interconnected factors. In this publication, AGB synthesizes the key strategic issues and demands confronting boards and provides brief context, important trend data, and facts to consider for each issue. It aims to ensure that boards  and other university leaders ask the right questions for thoughtful and strategic decision making.
Those top issues include:

  1. The Revenue Model
  2. Productivity and Efficiency
  3. Student Aid 
  4. Educational Delivery
  5. Student Learning
  6. Student Success
  7. Market and Mission
  8. The Academic Workforce
  9. Globalization
  10. Institutional Risk

University leaders today must be well-equipped to explain why a college degree is still the best investment an individual can make—not just financially, but in terms of his or her long-term personal well-being—as well as how a more educated population helps our nation and society at large. This book aims to help board members and other leaders achieve the delicate balance needed in governing so that their institutions retain financial strength, achieve their core missions, and also embrace new strategic thinking to help institutions—and their students—advance toward even stronger futures.

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