Presidential Assessment Consulting

Assessing the president’s path forward.

Presidential assessment provides the occasion for a board to deepen its understanding of the president, of his or her leadership, and of the institution. Assessing a president in order to build stronger performance is a process with three stages: ongoing feedback, annual reviews, and periodic 360 assessment.

AGB Consulting’s presidential assessment services:

  • Provide multi-source evaluation.  AGB Consulting collects feedback from board members, faculty, administrators, students, alumni, members of the community, or other constituents such as public officials.
  • Build relationships.  AGB’s assessment compiles information from many sources and, as a result, may help the board more fully appreciate the scope of the board’s expectations and president’s accomplishments.
  • Clarify strategic goals.  AGB synchronizes key institutional messaging, tests emerging strategic goals, and clarifies priorities for the future.
  • Strengthen governance.  AGB helps the president, board members, and all participants to gauge the effectiveness of the institution’s governance practices and decision-making systems and, when appropriate, offers possible suggestions for improvement.

Discover where you are, where you can go, and how to get there.

Strategic leadership is crucial to the long-term success of higher education institutions in a volatile environment. Regular assessment of institutional and board leadership ensures a strong partnership between board and CEO and enables an institution to plan with confidence despite the uncertainty.

AGB Consulting Board & Presidential Assessment Service

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into your board’s performance, please learn more about our Board Assessment offering.  And if you’re looking for an Executive or Interim Search for new leadership, please see how our team at AGB Search can help.

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