AGB OnBoard Introduces Public Posting

By Paroon Chadha February 20, 2020 May 11th, 2021 Blog Post

In June 1972, a bungled burglary at the Watergate complex shook Washington. When the dust settled, and to swiftly restore the public’s trust in government, legislators enacted sweeping changes to how our institutions, including public universities, conduct their official business. These sunshine laws bestowed new responsibilities on public leaders to disclose where, when, and how their institutions made decisions.

Nearly 50 years later, state colleges and universities are still working to understand and comply with this patchwork of state regulations. Motivated to solve this challenge, we got to work.

To aid compliance with local, state, and federal laws and help public colleges and universities make more open decisions, AGB OnBoard is excited to introduce Public Posting.

AGB OnBoard is the only board and committee meeting platform that combines market-leading board management technology with AGB’s resources, insights, and expertise.  This platform fosters real-time connection, collaboration, and interaction among college and university leaders.

With the introduction of AGB OnBoard Public Posting, state schools can now seamlessly share their meeting notices, agendas, and all accompanying materials online for all stakeholders to review. Not only can this public page host all board and committee meeting content, users and the public can also sort this content chronologically and filter by board and committees.

More than just aiding compliance and publishing meeting materials online, Public Posting provides a compelling new way to bring more voices to the table, value support staffs’ time, and provide an easily accessible historical record of your decisions.

  • Make Better Decisions. AGB OnBoard enables decision makers to bring the public into deliberations and policymaking in a more active and open environment. By sharing more information sooner, it helps bring in perspectives you may have missed. And when you combine a chorus of thoughtful citizens with better information, college and university leaders will make better decisions that garner the public’s trust.
  • Provide a Complete History of Meetings With One URL. Public Posting provides your team with a single URL to share with your board and the public. This URL contains a complete record of past and future meetings and you maintain complete control over every document, section, and item you make public.
  • Value Support Staffs’ Time. AGB OnBoard helps support staff deliver more regular and timely information to the public and decision makers. With AGB OnBoard’s book builder, entire teams can quickly and efficiently contribute to creating and updating meeting materials in minutes, leaving more time to spend on more detailed work that deserves your attention.

Along with Public Posting, AGB OnBoard now enables users to log in using their AGB member accounts. AGB Single Sign-On streamlines access to meeting materials so you don’t have to remember a separate login and password.

We invite you to a free demonstration of AGB OnBoard in action, so you see why colleges and universities nationwide rely on the platform to run smarter, more deliberate, meetings.

Paroon Chadha is a cofounder and the chief executive officer of AGB OnBoard and its parent company, Passageways.