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As the governing board’s primary liaisons and planners, board professionals play a unique and critical role in higher education. This essential, yet often under-the-radar, professional is a trusted counselor and confidant to the board who is charged with ensuring the conditions for board governance are well-maintained.1  AGB strives to provide invaluable resources, guidance, and community for board professionals as they fulfill their duties in today’s tumultuous higher education landscape.

1The Role of the Board Professional by Charlene K. Reed, AGB 2017

Questions for boards.

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Board Operations

Consequential Questions:

  1. Do trustees speak openly and freely as issues are debated, but support decisions after the votes have been taken?
  2. Does my board have a statement of expectations for members that includes language about how individual members and the board relate to internal and external constituents?
  3. What evidence suggests that the board functions efficiently and effectively as an independent body?
  4. Is there a process in place to assess whether a matter is ready for the board’s consideration or more time is needed for review?

The Role of the Board Professional by Charlene K. Reed, AGB 2017

Board Professional Role

Consequential Questions:

  1. Do I routinely encourage the president to communicate openly and regularly with the board?
  2. Do I continually develop personal relationships throughout the institution so that I’m a trusted figure with whom others will share information?
  3. Am I an effective ambassador for the board?
  4. Do I use board members’ time wisely and well by planning effective meetings and asking them to engage in only high-impact activities beyond their normal board work?
  5. Do I effectively reinforce board protocol?
  6. Do I work closely with my board chair to set clear goals for the board and help members understand their role in achieving institutional goals?

The Role of the Board Professional by Charlene K. Reed, AGB 2017

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