AGB-CHEA Joint Advisory Statement on Accreditation & Governing Boards 2022

By AGB March 25, 2022 June 7th, 2022 AGB Reports

Accreditation is designed to assure the public of an institution’s commitment to academic quality and fiscal integrity, as well as to stimulate continuous improvement by the institution. This process incorporates the academy’s goal of academic quality and complements other elements of regulation and standards, including those of the U.S. Department of Education and states. This joint advisory statement was approved by the board of directors of AGB and by CHEA and represents the best thinking of both organizations on the relationship of governing boards to the process of accreditation. The advisory statement, updated in 2022, includes an extensive section on suggested practices for governing boards and chief executive officers, and a helpful set of questions to guide board-level discussions of accreditation.

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