AGB Council of Foundation Leaders

The Council of Foundation Leaders is a standing advisory group of professional leaders, knowledgeable about the roles, responsibilities, and practices of effective governance for institutionally related foundations. They also have a deep understanding of the purpose of institutionally related foundations and the inherent dynamics of interrelatedness between foundations and the universities, systems, and colleges they serve. The Council meets quarterly.

Council Ambassador

George P. Watt
AGB Senior Consultant, Senior Fellow, and Membership Ambassador
Former Executive Vice President, Institutional Advancement
and Executive Director, College of Charleston Foundation
Former President, U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and U.S. Naval Academy Foundation


Margaret Ann Bollmeier
Medical College of Virginia

Trishana Bowden
George Mason University

Gretchen Buhlig
Arizona State University Foundation

DeAnna Carlson Zink
University of North Dakota Foundation

Monica Delisa
University of Vermont Foundation

Kristen DeVries
Western Michigan University Foundation

Jay Dowd
The Citadel Foundation

Chris Dyba
East Carolina University

Rod Grabowski
UCF Foundation (University of Central Florida)

Brian Hastings
University of Nebraska Foundation

Tom Hyatt
General Counsel, AGB

Abby Kelso
Evergreen State College Foundation

Matthew Lambert
William & Mary Foundation

Karen McCauley
Clemson University Foundation

Rickey McCurry
University of Nevada-Las Vegas Foundation

Ian Mercier
Medical College of Georgia Foundation, Inc.
Augusta University

James H. Moore, Jr.
University of Illinois Foundation

Cherí O’Neill
Colorado State University Foundation

Guy Patton
University of Oklahoma Foundation

Vita Pickrum
Delaware State University Foundation

Leonard Raley
University of Maryland System Foundation

Cynthia Roth
West Virginia University Foundation

Jeff Rountree
University of Mary Washington Foundation

Katherine Sawyer
Oakton Community College Foundation

Al Trujilo
Georgia Tech

Tyson Voelkel
Texas A&M Foundation

Kim Way
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Greg Willems
Kansas State University Foundation

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Navigating Choppy Seas: A Time for Courageous Leadership

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In two recent AGB blog posts, former public university presidents Carol Cartwright and Ellen-Earle Chaffee have teed up the challenges facing college and university boards, with a focus on the unprecedented challenges institutional presidents are facing (see Related Resources below), and the impact of those challenges not only on the role of the president, but also on higher education, writ large.

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Foundation CEO Assessment

By | Blog Post, Council of Foundation Leaders

Governing boards are typically responsible for oversight and assessment of their chief executives’ performance. AGB’s Higher Education Governing Boards: An Introductory Guide for College, University, and System Boards (AGB, 2018) identifies presidential assessment as one of the essential responsibilities of governing boards. AGB senior fellow Terry MacTaggart has enumerated the potential benefits of a presidential assessment

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Higher Education as a Strategic Asset of our Nation and Foundations as a Strategic Asset of Higher Education

By | Blog Post, Council of Foundation Leaders

In its May 10 meeting, AGB’s Council of Foundation Leaders met with Lisa Foss, PhD, the executive director of the Council on Higher Education as a Strategic Asset (HESA), a newly forged coalition of national leaders hailing from higher education, government, business, the nonprofit sector, and the military that will develop and propose recommendations for ensuring that higher education institutions can deliver the workforce and educated citizenry necessary to address the United States’s most critical national priorities.

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