Presidential Assessment

Assessing the president’s path forward.

Presidential assessment provides the occasion for a board to deepen its understanding of the president, of his or her leadership, and of the institution. Assessing a president in order to build stronger performance is a process with three stages: ongoing feedback, annual reviews, and periodic 360 assessment.

AGB advisors enable effective leadership by helping board members and leaders:

Respond strategically to COVID-19 and related financial impacts

Identify steps for ensuring near-term response and survival

Make tough decisions regarding their institution’s long-term prospects

Institutionalize sound risk management and crisis recovery practices

“Instead of viewing crisis as a threat, we should view it as a moment to develop proactive strategies and tools to speed innovation.”

Ken Knueven

Managing Director, AGB Consulting

Tailored to your institution.

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all service or curriculum. Both content and delivery options will be customized for your institution or foundation board.

We match you with advisors who have experience relevant to your situation, such as:

  • Sitting board members
  • Former board members
  • Former presidents
  • Board professionals
  • Subject matter experts

We will work with you to identify the questions you need to answer, including topics such as:


  • What actions must leaders take to safeguard the integrity and future of your organization? 
  • What are appropriate roles for your board and leaders?
  • How do you prepare for dire future uncertainties?
  • What must you consider as goals and best practices for communication?
  • Who should serve on your crisis management teams?
  • Does this situation threaten your accreditation and how?
  • How might your situation affect foundation endowments and liquidity going forward?
  • What are realistic choices for schools with precarious financials?
  • What changes must public institutions examine?

Effective leadership by governing boards has never been more important.

Institutions must rapidly evolve their offerings and business models in order to remain relevant, competitive, and on track for growth. AGB helps boards assess their direction and practices, then take action to improve performance, develop new strategies, build leadership capacity, address risk, and plan for high-impact change.

AGB Consulting Risk Management May 2020

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Start addressing risk right away.

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