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Presidents and leaders of higher education institutions face unprecedented challenges this year. Acute contingencies are exacerbating the dynamics that were already transforming the higher education market. AGB provides the coaching, resources, content, and peer networks that will empower you to engage in professional development and confront the complex issues you will continue to face.

Recommended resources.

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Developing Presidential Leadership Amid a Pandemic

Blog Post
by Terrence MacTaggart

AGB Trusteeship Magazine January/February 2022 with cover article
Leadership in Times of Crisis

Trusteeship magazine article from January/February 2022
by David V. Rosowsky, Stephen M. Gavazzi, and E. Gordon Gee

Questions for boards.

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  1. Is your leadership embodying your defined mission and strategy?
  2. How can your leadership ensure institutional sustainability?
  3. What changes could be made to optimize presidential performance?


  1. How mature are your shared governance practices?
  2. What role does educational quality play in presidential decision making?

AGB supports high-performing presidents and board chairs.

Leadership is always a journey but never more so than right now. Facing urgent crises and long-term challenges, institutions must ensure that their presidents or CEOs are fully aligned with their boards and completely prepared to lead.

To help assess strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and develop presidents or CEOs as strategic executives, our consultants draw as needed on these capabilities:

360-Degree Presidential Survey

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Leadership Interviews and Follow-Up Conversations

Board Assessment

Peer Network Building


Action Plan Development

Mergers and Affiliations Strategy and Transformation

Scenario Planning and Support

Ongoing Guidance

“AGB was very critical in the early stages of my career as a foundation CEO in terms of my relationship with my volunteer leaders, and the development of the processes and procedures that we needed to put in place to make sure that we had a strong board.”

Rickey N. McCurry

CEO, University of Nevada Las Vegas Foundation; Former CEO, Northern Arizona University Foundation

Discover where you are, where you can go, and how to get there.

Strategic leadership is crucial to the long-term success of higher education institutions in a volatile environment. Regular coaching ensures a strong partnership between the board and president or CEO and enables an institution to plan with confidence despite the uncertainty.

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