Why this is important.

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is a global health crisis that is rapidly evolving. This webpage provides resources about the special concerns of higher education governing boards as they deal with the pandemic at their institutions.

AGB recommends the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for general information and guidance for colleges and universities related to the coronavirus threat in the United States. Contact local or state government health departments for additional guidance for your locale.

Questions for boards.

These are key questions for your board to consider:


Consequential Question:

  1. What has your board done to encourage vaccinations, particularly among historically underrepresented populations on campus and in the community?

“Why I Plan to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine and You Should Too,” by Charlie Nelms, January 4, 2021, Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Cyber Threats

Consequential Question:

  1. How is the board informed about cyber threats and measures in place to assess and address them, with increased exposure related to remote work and instruction?

Board Composition

Consequential Question:

  1. Does the composition of the board include the range of expertise and experience it needs to govern the institution through and beyond the pandemic?

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