Your one-stop shop for developing your session.

In the interest of making your speaking experience with AGB as smooth and as enjoyable as possible, we have compiled an assortment of templates and items that you may find useful as we work together to prepare your event session.

If you have any questions, or if you have suggestions as to additional resources that would improve your speaking experience, please do not hesitate to email us at programs@agb.org.

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Speaker Checklist

This document provides an easy one-page overview of the speaker process, from initial conversation to the event itself.

Speaker Guidelines

Being an event speaker in 2022 is a different experience than in previous years, and raises new questions or different concerns. To that end, this resource provides a high level overview on how AGB is making events work in this virtual environment.

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Planning Call Guide→

Know what to expect when joining your session planning call. No need to fill this out before or as we converse – the AGB staff member will take notes and circulate after.

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Powerpoint Templates→

Slide deck forthcoming 

Speaker Information Form

Additionally, as mentioned in your speaker confirmation email and letter, we kindly request that all speakers fill out the below form. This is to ensure that you are accurately described in event materials:

2. Biographical information.
Eg. Board Chair, Board Member, President, Board Secretary, etc.
3. Assistant or Staff Contact

4. Demographic Information (optional)

AGB is committed to elevating top expertise among its speakers, without exception. Tracking speaker demographics helps us to fulfill this commitment to our members.