Trusteeship: January/February

Volume 29,  Number 1   //    January/February 2021

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Foundations and Alumni Associations: Better Together or Apart?
By Christopher Connell

Alumni associations and foundations are evaluating opportunities varying from sharing operations to fully integrated alumni association-foundation models. Some institutions are taking steps to align the foundation and alumni more closely while some embark on a merger of both entities.

The Work of Higher Education Governing Boards During and After the Pandemic
By A. Lee Fritschler and Richard D. Legon

Higher education has been urged to consider meaningful change and transformation for nearly two decades. The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought an appropriate moment to ask and address a new set of strategic questions at the leadership level as higher education looks to meet the future.

Developing Presidential Leadership Amid a Pandemic
By Terrence MacTaggart

Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic are prime opportunities to engage in leadership development. Crises provide the motivation for presidents to develop their leadership skills in real time and make a positive difference for their institutions.

Beyond Incrementalism
By Susan Resneck Pierce

The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered colleges’ and universities’ traditional incremental responses to challenges insufficient. Governing boards and presidents must engage in scenario planning, reassess their strategic plans, and ensure their institutions are adhering to the best practices of shared governance amid the pandemic.


Your Most Important Endowment Decision
By Tim Yates

Why Boards Need to Prioritize Cybersecurity 
By Sebastian Hess


On My Agenda

AGB’s New Year’s Resolution During Our 100th Anniversary
By Henry Stoever

News in Brief 
A sampling of national higher education news 

Inside AGB
AGB Launches New Initiative on Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
AGB Releases New Book on Fundraising Campaigns

Legal Standpoint 
What Makes a Good Higher Education Lawyer?
By Steve Dunham

Integrity in Managing Financial Exigency
By Michael Bérubé

View from the Board Chair
Shared Governance and Financial Exigency
By David Maxwell

A Question For… 
Davis Jenkins, a senior research scholar at the Community College Research Center
What Can Community Colleges Do to Succeed After the Pandemic?
By Elena Loveland