Trusteeship: January/February 2023

Volume 31,  Number 1   //    January/February 2023

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What Boards Need to Know about Online Opportunities
By Christopher Connell

Faculty recognize post-COVID-19 faculty, some of the advantages and possibilities of teaching online, and students don’t want to give up the flexibility of choosing when and where to do coursework. Now, the challenge facing college and university leaders is to figure out how to make the most of both worlds.

Managing the Presidency through the Arc of Time
By Mark Putnam

The past is not the enemy of the future, writes Central College President Mark Putnam. He shares in this case study how continuity can be incredibly powerful and a key perspective for managing the college presidency. The board’s partnership is vital and allows for substantive and meaningful change to be designed and implemented through the arc of time.

Higher Education After the Pandemic: Are We Still a Global Industry?
By Brad Farnsworth

Internationalization will sharpen your brand, advance your mission, and strengthen your finances–if you do it the right way. This article will guide you through that process.


Departments and Columns


On My Agenda
One Board, One Voice: Leaders as Communicators
By Henry Stoever

News in Brief
A sampling of national higher education news

Inside AGB

  • AGB Team Meets with U.S. Department of Education Undersecretary
  • AGB Awarded Grant for Board Responsibility for Equitable Student Success Project

Legal Standpoint
The Role of Colleges and Universities in Teaching the Rule of Law
By Steve Dunham, JD

Commissioning an Independent Review: Considerations for Trustees
By Kathleen B. Rogers

Foundations of Consequence
Foundation Board Assessments: Are You Ready?
By Lynnette M. Heard

View from the Board Chair
The Importance of a Board Chair Assessment
By Janet Lebovitz

A Question for…
Michelle Asha Cooper
By Carol Schuler