Trusteeship: May/June 2023

Volume 31,  Number 3   //    May/June 2023

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Transfer Pathways Steer Students and Institutions to Undergraduate Success

By David Tobenkin

When students split their undergraduate years between two different higher education institutions that together curate and coordinate the experience, the decision can unleash a surprising array of benefits for students and both institutions.

Serving the Public Good First
A Novel Approach to Funding University Research with the Broadest Public Impact

By Fred DuVal

How can we leverage the public good of universities in a way that increases trust in public higher education and restores the value proposition? In Arizona, we are answering this question in a unique and impactful way.

Transforming Shared Governance Into an Engine for Agility

By Steven C. Bahls

Shared governance, when properly conceived, structured, and fostered, is an effective engine of change to help colleges and universities with institutional thriving.

Philanthropy in Higher Education
Does It Serve the Public Good?

By Amir Pasic

Philanthropy can be a useful tool in both assessing the need for transformative change and designing its implementation. What trends are shaping philanthropy’s role in higher education, the unique role foundations play, and the kinds of resources that are available to higher education leaders?


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On My Agenda
Elevating Higher Education as a U.S. Strategic Asset
By Henry Stoever

News in Brief
A sampling of national higher education news

Inside AGB

  • AGB, Partners Advance Public Perceptions of Higher Education

Legal Standpoint
Lawsuits Drive Changes in Athletics
By Lee Tyner

Foundations of Consequence
Board Leadership, Philanthropy, and Supporting Higher Education as a National Asset
By Laura Wilcox

Passionate Reflections from a Governance Maven
By Merrill P. Schwartz

Focus on the Presidency
All I Really Need to Know about Strategic Planning I Learned on Horseback
By Mary Dana Hinton

A Question for…
Mushtaq Gunja
By Carol Schuler