AGB Brand

Our brand is our most valuable asset.

Our brand is what you feel and think when you hear and see “AGB.” It is the culmination of all the touchpoints an individual has had with us, including with our products and services, our employees, our communications, and our members.

All of our employees and affiliates are responsible for managing our brand equity. Consistency in communications is key to achieving this. Here are some tools to maintain brand consistency.

Business Templates

Business cards

Please contact Suzaine Pador at to coordinate ordering business cards.

Please note the following before requesting new business cards.

  1. Business cards are recommended for team members who meet in-person with AGB members, partners, and stakeholders on a regular basis.
  2. We do not recommend reprinting business cards if the only incorrect item is the address. Instead, we recommend using up your current supply.
  3. If you have a business card with the old logo, please request a reprint with the new address.
  4. If you have a card with an incorrect title, please request a reprint with the new address.

Email signatures

Standard email signatures
Copy and paste the signatures included in the linked document into your email signature on desktop and mobile and customize with your personal information.

Event promotion email signatures
Help us promote our events when communicating with external audiences! Select from event promo banners in the linked document to add to your signature. Banners are hyperlinked, but be sure to double check that the link is working in your signature.


Standard Letterhead

Download Word template→
(for standard printing or PDFs)

Board of Directors Letterhead

Download Word template→
(for standard printing or PDFs)

PowerPoint template

Click here to download the template.

Video conference background

Download the background and add it to Zoom, Teams, and other video conferencing applications.

Staff Guidelines

Social media guidelines

Access social media guidelines here.

Press and media guidelines

Access press and media guidelines here.

AGB style guide

Access the AGB Style guide, most recently updated in 2022.

For marketing communications, please use the following guidelines for styling email addresses and web URLs:

When using an URL, please follow these guidelines:

  • Capitalize AGB
  • Do not include https://
  • Capitalize the first letter in the URL path (for example, in, “brand” is capitalized)

When using an email address, please follow these guidelines:

  • Capitalize AGB
  • Capitalize the first letter in the email address (for example, in, “consulting” is capitalized)

Blog guidelines

Access blog guidelines here.

AGB Brand Store

Please use the items below to help us build our brand. Share with AGB stakeholders, use them at meetings or member visits, or showcase your own brand loyalty. Stop by the book room in the office for access to the following items:


Note cards




Tervis tumblers