Chris Moloney, Senior Associate—Business Strategy, AGB Consulting


Before joining AGB as a Senior Associate, Mr. Moloney served as the associate director of the College Division at Global Maximum Educational Opportunities, an international education company, where he led student recruitment, program and partnership development, and faculty engagement initiatives in collaboration with more than 30 partner institutions. For the past four years, Mr. Moloney has also managed The Sociological Quarterly, a peer-reviewed academic journal with 1,200 institutional subscribers, and he remains actively involved in Higher Ed as developing and teaching 1-2 online courses per year. He previously served as the on-site study abroad program director for Norwich University in their China program, as an instructor at three institutions, and as the project manager at a public R1 research university. Mr. Moloney’s research background includes developing and implementing quantitative and qualitative studies in partnership with government agencies and NGOs. He holds a BA from the University of Miami, an MA from George Washington University, and is a PhD candidate at Colorado State University, where his dissertation research examines how US law enforcement agencies are combatting cybercrime. He has co-authored several books, book chapters, and peer-reviewed research articles.

Professional Credentials

Mr. Moloney earned his BA from the University of Miami (FL) and his MA from the George Washington University and is currently pursuing his doctoral (PhD) studies.