Trusteeship: November/December

Volume 28,  Number 6   //    November/December 2020

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Enrollment Effects

By Charlotte West

Colleges and universities have been facing demographic shifts of traditional college-age students for several years, but now enrollment changes are even greater due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Enrollment managers across the United States are tackling changes related to declining international enrollment, COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on low-income students and students of color, and an increased focus on retention of current students.

The Conversation Trustees Must Have: Higher Education after the Crises of 2020

By Genevieve G. Shaker and William M. Plater

Governing boards are essential in maintaining and rebuilding the system of postsecondary education following the crises of 2020. In this unknown future, trustees must adopt flexible plans that ensure their institutional responses to transformative changes align not only with the common good, but also address financial, reputation, and moral exigencies in the process.

In Crisis, Sustain Trust 

By Amanda Walker

During crises, governing boards and presidents are constantly working towards building and sustaining stakeholders’ trust. COVID-19 is no exception. Sustaining trust in higher education leadership requires thorough risk management, strategic leadership, and firm commitments to the principles of empathy, honesty, and accountability.

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter to Foundation Boards

By Robert J. Nava

America’s national reckoning with systemic racism heightens demands for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at universities, colleges, and their affiliated foundations. Luckily, foundation boards are uniquely positioned to help their host institutions reflect and act in a practice manner in support of their institutional commitment to DE&I.


Ransomware: The Silent Killer
By Bob Barker

For COVID-19 and Climate Change, Delay is the Enemy
By Sarah Wilson and Allison Spector


On My Agenda
By Henry Stoever
Trust as a Strategic Asset

News in Brief 
A sampling of national higher education news 

Inside AGB
Foundation Leadership Forum in January 2021 Goes Virtual

Legal Standpoint 
By Steve Dunham 
Racism and the Law on Campus

By Abdul M. Omari
What’s in a Search? Reflections from a Black Millennial Who Chaired a Research-1 University Presidential Search

Focus on the Presidency
By Roger Hull
Harambee, an Alternative for College Leaders

A Question For… 
Christopher R. Marsicano, founding director of the College Crisis Initiative (C2i)
What is the College Crisis Initiative (C2i)?