Improving Government Relations in Public Higher Ed: Session 11 of the Strategic Transformation Workshop Series

Upcoming Workshop
January 26, 2022, 2:00 – 3:30 PM ET

Long considered a point of tension, the best public institutions are finding ways to not only get along with your system and state legislature, but to capitalize on it. Join Dr. Paul Friga, expert in higher education strategy and leader of AGB Consulting’s practice area: Strategic Transformation of Public Higher Education, to discuss how the key is to spend adequate time together to understand primary objectives and brainstorm ways to find win-win solutions. The session will include special negotiation techniques and examples of how government relationships can be dramatically improved.

Who should attend: Presidents, Board Chairs, Board Members

About the Strategic Transformation Workshop Series:

Public Higher Education is under assault. Dramatic decreases in resources, questions about value-add, new demands from students. COVID 19 has pressured institutions to revisit their strategies and priorities. AGB Consulting, in collaboration with The Chronicle of Higher Education, is proud to present this innovative twelve-part workshop series to “help leaders lead” and transform their institutions for long-term success. New topics are offered each month exclusively for public institution board members and presidents.


Chris Moloney, AGB Senior Associate, Strategy & Transformation

Guest Panelists:

Paul Friga, AGB Senior Consultant and Practice Area Leader for Public Higher Education Strategic Transformation

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