Doing the Deal: Higher Ed Merger/Affiliation Strategies for Small to Mid-Size Colleges and Universities

Upcoming Webinar
Merger and Affiliation
September 28, 2020, 1:00 -2:00 PM EST

Governing boards, trustees, and Presidents/CEOs must continue developing proactive strategies to ensure institutional prosperity and sustainability. This includes discussing and exploring mergers, affiliations, and other partnerships. This webinar highlights key strategies that governing boards, trustees, and institutional Presidents/CEOs should consider during the M&A discussion and exploration process, and is aimed specifically at small to mid-size private colleges and universities, though strategies may have applicability to all institutions, including publics. This webinar builds on prior AGB webinars on Higher Ed mergers and affiliations, and draws insights from AGB’s substantial hands-on experiences assisting colleges and universities as they navigate their long-term strategic alternatives and proceed down the path toward successful merger and affiliation deals.

Chris Moloney, AGB Senior Associate, Strategy & Transformation

Rick Beyer, AGB Senior Consultant