Developing Presidential Leadership in an Era of Disruption

Upcoming Webinar
presidential assessment
July 30, 2020, 12:00 -1:00 PM EST

Very few college and university presidents came into their jobs prepared for the challenges they face in today’s disrupted environment. Learning how to lead in this era of turmoil and uncertainty¬†is essential for incumbent presidents, and for individuals on the succession ladder. This webinar will present the latest thinking and research published in AGB’s new book, Assessing and Developing College and University Presidents: An Enterprise Leadership Approach. It emphasizes the range of skills needed to address and surmount the challenges presidents face today, and surely will for their entire careers.

Terry MacTaggart, AGB Senior Consultant

Merrill Schwartz, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy & Development, AGB
Anthony Barbar, former Chair, Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees
Kwang-Wu Kim, PhD, President and CEO, Columbia College Chicago