Strategic Planning Considerations for the Changing World of College Athletics

Upcoming Webinar
February 2, 2:00–3:00 PM ET

Aligning institutional priorities is critical to achieving meaningful, positive transformation. Campus master plans, fundraising and advancement plans, and the strategic plans for foundations, individual colleges or schools, and athletics ultimately should align with the campus-wide strategic plan to create a unified vision for the future. At many colleges and universities, athletics represents a significant enrollment pipeline and revenue generator.

But how do you achieve the level of strategic coordination and alignment between an individual unit like an athletics department and the campus as a whole? What role do individual campus leaders play and, importantly, how does the board’s work and vision transcend these distinct planning processes?

Attend this webinar to get detailed advice drawn from an exciting case study at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill’s athletics department, which recently completed a strategic plan. You’ll gain valuable insights on strategies to:

  • Align athletics goals and priorities to institutional vision and priorities
  • Create an inclusive planning process
  • Leverage data to inform and support goal development in strategic plans


Paul Friga, PhD, practice area leader for public transformation of public higher education, AGB Consulting
Bubba Cunningham, director of athletics, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

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